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    Word of Mouth Magazine - Autumn 2016 Edition - Editorial Feature Sample

    You’ve heard of green tea, but where does matcha green tea come from? For those who are new to matcha altogether, you're in for a treat! Originating from the Japanese word 'cha' which means 'tea', and 'mach' which translates as 'powder', the name matcha quite literally translates to 'powdered tea'. Considered to be the most powerful form of green tea, matcha offers potent health properties when consumed in it's raw powdered state. A natural plant-based drink enjoyed by Asian cultures, matcha green tea is believed to have introduced Japan's Zen philosophy. It was Zen Monk Eisai who planted the first matcha leaves in Kyoto, Japan in 1191 A.D. Today, matcha is an accessible tea that's still widely enjoyed across Japan, not to mention an increasing popularity in the UK, America, Germany and France.

    Word of Mouth Magazine - Summer 2016 Edition - Advertorial Feature Sample

    Introducing Colombia's Best Kept Secret - Zona Cafetera Meet brothers-turned-coffee-roasting extraordinaires, Santiago and Victor Gamboa. At Word of Mouth Magazine, we're always on the lookout to discover local start-ups. Whether we're spreading the word about online ventures or new businesses based here in South London, somewhere on the planet there's always an entrepreneur ready and waiting to make their mark on the business world... enter Zona Cafetera.

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